About Us

The Lifelink Systems technology platform transforms patient engagement at scale for healthcare providers, pharma companies, and researchers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform patient engagement and care across the healthcare industry by giving hospital systems and care providers powerful new chatbot technology and tools to meet their patients in the engagement channels they prefer while improving profitability across the board.

The Limits of Web Sites and Apps

Information technology has come a long way, but successful user engagement has proven to be a surprisingly daunting last mile challenge. Today's healthcare systems are powerful and complex. They're complicated. They're exceedingly hard to learn and use. Which makes the last mile challenge of user adoption especially hard. Modern web sites and mobile apps are a response to this complexity—they’re an improvement—but even well-designed mobile apps are not delivering the user engagement levels needed. Recent research shows that while mobile is the first screen for consumers, mobile time is highly consolidated, with 88% of time spent in just five downloaded apps (Forrester Research, “Your Customers Will Not Download Your App"; June 2015). Competing with yet another app is hard. Apps require training and time too. The challenge remains: How do we make the complex exceedingly simple, exceedingly intuitive?

Conversations: The Ultimate Human Interface

It turns out that the simplest, most intuitive human interface is a conversation. That's because a conversation is natural, requires no training, is infinitely flexible, self-directed, and responsive. And today, with the rapid adoption of mobile phones and text-based messaging, the power to engage in conversation-based information exchanges is right here, in the palms of our hands.

Meeting Patients Where They Are, with a Conversation

Chatbots are software-based conversational agents encoded with behavioral or workflow-driven logic to make human-to-system interactions exceedingly simple, intuitive, and convenient. They do their work in the channels that are most accessible to us today: in messaging apps, on our mobile phones. Any human with a mobile phone can now converse with complex IT systems with ease, and immediately, by relying on smart, context-aware chatbots.

The Technology is Transformational

The technology for enabling chatbots will transform consumer engagement strategies across every industry sector under the sun, but it will have an especially profound impact on process-centric customer care industries. Like Healthcare.

Breakthrough Service and Profitability

That's because chatbots not only close a service gap, they improve the quality of the service itself while allowing healthcare providers to dramatically scale up service operations profitably. They carry the encoded protocols, orders, and best practices that physicians and care coordinators have already developed to the patient, in the form of smart, engaging conversations.

Chatbots don't supplant human expertise and service, they augment human expertise and service. They enable the better delivery of expertise and service. And hospitals that can take advantage of this powerful new technology will transform patient care—and dramatically improve customer service across the board.